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Website Design And Development

We strongly believe that website development and design should be considered in the point of customers (those who access our website) perspective. When we develop and design websites, we must consider our customer expectation best of their satisfaction. It leads our customer understand our product and services to our in our website portals. It also makes customer to recommend our website and they visit again and again when they need of our services or products.

First of all, we need to choose our domain name and server facilities which we required to fulfill development. Choosing the Space Server is very important role in Website Development. It allows our customers to browser our website and web pages without hassle. For any of your queries related to domain registration, space server purchase, web design and development, call us at anytime.

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SEO Audit

Website Audit or SEO Audit is very important process is Search Engine Optimization. Web pages should be validated according the keywords that we are focusing to reach in the first page or 1st position. Not only the keywords, we need to check other aspects like code errors, CSS validates, responsive issues, browser issues, tags, etc.

The proper and the clean coding will give the best optimized web design, increase the ROI (Return of Investment) when your customers on your website. When web design doesn’t have the problem, customer doesn’t have the problem to order your product and services, they visit again and again.

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Search Engines analyzes your web pages, before they rank your website in any positions. It is very important to follow the search engine rules and conditions. Search Engines, will look for the Title, Description, H1 tags, Image tags, content density, links etc. Search Engines also validate our competitor website and matches with our quality.

Though optimization is very simple work, but need to be care and careful when we optimizing the web pages in our website. Optimization is not related to the code or H1 tag something, it’s mostly related to the content on the website. It’s helps search engines to validate our website or web pages easily and rank higher than other competitors. We surely guide and help you to optimize your website, call us at anytime.

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In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) research is very important to identify the opportunity for our business. Before start the SEO for our website, we must check the ROI through the google keyword tool. Research will reveal the list of keywords that we need to do SEO for our website.

Research is most important in SEO, because it will analyze everything you need. Without the research you may face some time delay as well as losing your money. Research will give you the exact ideas about the keywords that you targeting to reach in 1st page, competitors who already reached the 1st or 1st page positions. It helps to plan our strategy to attempt to reach first page in search engines. We surely help you to generate the research report for your website , call us at anytime.

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On/Off SEO

Onsite Optimization in SEO : When we making the changes inside our website is called on site optimization. It’s just the rule from the search engines, to follow in our web pages. The rule to follow the length of the title, description in meta tags. H1 tags for the focusing the keywords to rank in first page. And other some rules like whether images “ALT” tags should be filled with proper notation. In onsite optimization is very important rather than anything is “Unique Content”.

Offsite Optimization in SEO : Mostly it is backlinks. When we create backlinks for our website, from other web sources like article directory, bookmarking, forum blogs, social media blogs we need optimize as we follow the rules to optimize our own web pages. We surely help you to optimize your website , call us at anytime.

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It’s a report, when sales are completed in our website. It based on total number of visitors / total number of visitors interested on our product or services / total number of visitors who purchased our product or services through our website. Conversion is subject to customer those who place order and complete the procedure in our website, based on the report, we can analyze the conversion percentage to increase the business volume as well as ROI.

A conversion report makes us to analyze in the terms of ROI (Return of Investment). The amount we spent for development and SEO Costing should be compared with our sales. It helps to confirm that we are on the right track. If the Conversion report is conflict, we need to give attention in our strategy to work on the SEO process. We surely support you to generate the conversion report and manage it as well, call us at anytime.

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We Provide ROI Driven Search Engine Optimization

We ensure that your website gets valuble traffics that converts into leads

Stay on the Top of Search Results

It is very important that we should rank our website in the first page or mostly on the top of the first page. It helps to bring the huge traffic through organic SEO Services or PayPerClick advertisement program. It is very important to achieve through the following services.

  • Website Audit
  • Research on opportunity
  • Optimization
  • SEO Campaign
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Our mission is to support you from the beginning of domain registration to till your website reach in the 1st position. Our service will be continuing until make your business profitable. Our SEO Service pricings are affordable to continue the service with us. You can choose us as a Digital Marketing Partner for your company, as we proud to announce why choose us are

  • Affordable SEO Costing
  • White Hat method to avoid penalties
  • Detailed Monthly Report
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